Convert Redeemable Points

Convert Redeemable Points
01 /12 2015
You can apply to convert your redeemable points through the Redeemable Points page.

Redeemable Points are points earned from the following services:

FC2 Video (Affiliate)
FC2 Live
FC2 Talk

*Purchased FC2 Points cannot be converted.
*Minimum 10,000 points needed before conversion applications are accepted.

Please confirm that your Profile details are correct
You can edit your information by logging in to FC2ID, then click on Edit FC2ID or Payment and edit the necessary details.

Edit Profile Details

Checking Your Application

Please select which month you made your conversion application from the bottom of the Redeemable Points page and the following information will be displayed:
- Application date
- Conversion amount (Points)
- Payment methods
- Payment date


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