Payment Methods and Point Balance

Payment Methods and Point Balance
01 /12 2015
Click on Payment on the left of the FC2ID home page


Point balance
Your point balance will be displayed under the title "Itemized Transactions". The points can be used for pay-services. Redeemable Points will also be displayed here, these can be converted into money, but you must have at least 10, 000 points before you can make an application.

Payment Method
You can also select the payment method you would like to be used for when your membership is automatically updated.

Your transaction history will be displayed in the Payment page. Here you can select which month's payments you would like to see as well as carry out other refined searches.

Points used on FC2 Live
1 - Points and when they were used on FC2 Live will be displayed.
* Multiple broadcasts viewed in the same period will be displayed together.

2 - Items displayed as Calculating means that points currently in use are being calculated/
Points being used are updated in real time.
*It may take a while for calculation to complete.


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