FAQ: Converting Points

What is FC2ID?
12 /17 2014
Q. Can I convert points into cash?
A. Only points (FC2 Redeemable Money points) gained on the following services can be converted to money.
- FC2 Video (Affiliate)
- FC2 Live
- FC2 Talk (Talk)

* Purchased FC2 Points cannot be converted to money.
* Conversion applications accepted for 10,000 points or higher.

Q. How do I convert my points?
A. Log in to FC2ID and click on Convert Points and follow the prompts to make an application.

Q. I can't make an application
A. You must make sure that you have correctly filled out all of the items for your FC2ID profile.
* All items, excluding FAX, must be entered.

Log in to FC2ID and click on Edit FC2ID to make the necessary adjustments, and if you have already filled out your profile, please make sure that all of your details are correct.

Edit Profile Details

Q. How much are the processing fees?
A. Cheques will be converted to USD according to the appropriate rate the day the cheque is issued. A processing fee of $10 will be deducted from your payout and the cheque will be sent from America. All cheques sent from FC2 will be issued in USD.

Q. My cheque hasn't arrived
A. Cheques sent to countries outside of America may take a while to arrive. If your cheque hasn't arrived after 2-3 weeks, please explain your conversion application and make an inquiry by clicking on the following link:
FC2 Inquiry Form


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