What are FC2 Points?

FC2 Points
02 /19 2014
There are two types of points that you can use on FC2's services: FC2 Points and Redeemable Points.

FC2 Points

FC2 Points are the points that you can use for pay-services and can be purchased by credit card (from 500 pt or more).
1 Point = 1JPY

Purchase FC2 Points

Redeemable Points

Redeemable Points are acquired from other users when they use your pay-for content.
If you have more than 10,000 Redeemable Points you can apply to convert them into cheque.

Redeemable Points can be collected on the following:
- FC2 Video (Affiliate Feature)
- FC2 Live
- FC2 Talk

The FC2 Points that you have bought by credit card will not convert into Redeemable Points.


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