FAQ: FC2 Point/Payment

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01 /15 2014
Q. What are FC2 Points?
A. "FC2 Points" are points that can be used on our Pay-for-use services.
1 Point = 1 JPY

Q. I don't know how to purchase FC2 Points
A. Login to FC2 ID and click [Payment/FC2 Point] on the left menu.
Read the manual.

Q. I bought FC2 Points, but I'm still not a premium member.
A. Purchasing FC2 Points does not mean that you will become a premium member. To become a premium member you must sign up to be a premium member.

Q. I want to check my FC2 Points/payment transaction history
A. Login to FC2 ID and go to the "Payment/FC2 Point" section and you will see be able to see your transaction record.

Q. The actual amount I have been charged is different to the amount on my credit card statement
A. When you make a payment for FC2 service, it will be billed in US dollars. (The daily exchange rate will be displayed when making payment)

If your credit card is not issued for billing in US dollars, your credit card company will convert the amount into your currency according to its own exchange rate. So you may be charged a different amount. Also, some credit companies may charge you an international transaction fee. Thus, we are unable to let you know the exact amount of money you will pay for our services.


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