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01 /15 2014
Q. I don't know how to sign up to FC2ID
A. Go to FC2ID (http://fc2.com/) and click on (Sign Up).http://fc2.com/
Please also read here.

Q. I don't know how to add services.
A. Login to your FC2 ID and click (Add Services)
Please click here for more information

Q. What do I need to sign up for FC2 ID?
A. All you need is a valid email address.

Q. Can I have multiple FC2 IDs?
A. Yes, but some of our services prohibits users from retaining multiple IDs.

Q. I haven't received the tentative registration email
A. If you continue not to receive any emails from us. please check the following points:
- Check your email address
- Check email spam folder
- Set to allow receiving emails from "fc2.com" or add "fc2.com" to your safe list

Q. I got an error message saying (Your registration has been restricted.)
A. Please contact us here at https://form1ssl.fc2.com/form and include the error message you received.


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