3D Secure (Cardholder Verification)

Credit Card Verification
05 /15 2013

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a system that protects Credit Card holders when making online payments,by preventing unauthorised users (scammers, hackers etc.) and verifying the cardholder's identity.
By utilizing 3D Secure, payments made on your credit card will be more secure.

*The name of 3D Secure may change depending on the credit card company.

visaVisa (Verified by VISA)

How do I register my card to 3D Secure?

Please register for 3D Secure from their website.

Using 3D Secure

Depending on the payment, you may need 3D Secure.

*When making payments, there is a possibility that a blank page may display for up to 30 seconds or longer.
Please do not close or refresh your browser while you are waiting.
Once you have accessed the 3D Secure verification page, enter in the password that you registered with your credit card company.


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