Monetizing FC2 Points

Monetize FC2 Points
04 /05 2012
Redeeming FC2 Points - Turning FC2 Points into Cheques

You can apply to redeem Redeemable Points from the "Redeem/Transfer Acquired Points" area.

Redeemable Points refer to Points which were acquired through the services listed below.
Purchased FC2 Points cannot be redeemed for money.
You are able to redeem Points once you have accumulated a total of over 10,000 Points.
*Cheques will be issued and sent from the Bank of America. Please confirm that financial institutions in your nation and region support cheques sent from the Bank of America.
  • -- FC2 Video (Affiliate Feature)
  • -- FC2 Live

Before Applying to Redeem Points

Before you apply to redeem Points, please make sure that the information entered into your "Profile Details" is correct.
*Make sure that your address is written in English, otherwise your cheque may not reach you.

To edit your Profile Details, simply login to your FC2ID and then click the "Edit FC2ID" button, and then the "Change Profile Details".
We recommend that anybody planning on applying to redeem points check that all the information in that area is correct.

Login to your FC2ID and the click on "Payments" and then "Redeem/Transfer Acquired Points".
You will jump to the Point Redemption Page.
From here you are able to apply to redeem Points.

*Please note that you are unable to redeem any Redeemable Points you convert into FC2 Points. You are also unable to reconvert any such Points into Redeemable Points.

You will not be able to redeem points if there are any mistakes in your address.

All applications are processed on the 15th of the month and are paid out at the end of the following month.
If for example, you apply to redeem points on January 20, it will be processed on the 15th of February and paid out at the end of March.


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