Prevent Unauthorized Login

Prevent Unauthorized Login
01 /15 2014
We recommend that you regularly change your email address and password for FC2ID as well as following the tips below to help prevent unauthorized logins to your account:

- Do not use a email address that has been already registered with other sites.
- Create a strong and complex password.

Creating a Strong Password:

* A password with both lower and upper-case letters and numbers. (FC2 website does not accept symbols)
* A long password (For FC2ID, your password should be 6 to 16 letters)
* A password that is not similar to a passwords registered with other sites.

A Bad Password:

* Passwords that contain words similar to previously used passwords, the email address or your display name.
* Contains words or numbers similar to keyboard layout, such as 123. qwe, poi,1qaz.


* Please refrain from saving login information on your computer.
* Do not to tell your login information to other people.
* When you login, do so from only official sites or apps.
* When you use a public computer, please also log out.
* Do not store any login information on your browser.
* When you connect via a free Wi-Fi spot, do not use services that need need to be logged in to.


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