FC2ID Registration

Sign Up for FC2ID
12 /23 2014
First go to FC2ID and click on Sign Up.


Temporary Registration

Enter an e-mail address that you would like to use for registration and enter the numbers as seen in the image verification window.

Please be sure to enter an e-mail address that you can be contacted with and one that you will remember as you this e-mail address will be needed to log in. The next step is to enter the numbers as seen in the CAPTCHA screen.
Numbers will be written as words in the CAPTCHA screen but must be typed as digits.
E.g: six = 6.

Once you have filled out the necessary information, check the box saying that you have read FC2's Terms of Use, then click on the Agree to the terms of use and make a registration button..


Completing Registration

You have completed temporary registration, now it's time to complete your registration. An email will have been sent to your your registered e-mail address, which will contain a URL necessary to complete registration.

*My registration e-mail hasn't arrived
Please check that you correctly entered your e-mail address as well as you checking your spam folder, we have found that the registration email is often treated as spam by free email services. Also, be aware that there may be time periods where emails aren't sent immediately, so please check again after waiting a while.

Fill Out Required Items

After clicking on the URL in your registration email you will be taken to the Complete Registration page. On this page, you will have to enter your password, password for confirmation and your gender. Click on Register and you will have completed registration.

After Registration

You can now access your member's page!
An email will be sent to your registered address containing your registered e-mail address, password and login URL. Please do not lose this information.

*Please be aware that we may be unable to reissue your login details if you have forgotten your own details, so please make sure to keep your information safe.


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