About SMS verification

About SMS verification
04 /08 2015
Depending on the customer's payment summary, to prevent unauthorized use(third party identity fraud),
verification using cell phone SMS(short message) may be necessary.

What is SMS verification?

Using the SMS(short message) on a cell phone, identity verification is performed.
Once the received verification code is entered, verification will be finished.

When a window to enter a phone number is displayed during payment, please see below.

- Payment process using SMS verification.
- When SMS is not received
- Verification code resend process
- When payment won't process after entering verification code

Payment process using SMS verification.

Send verification code

Select the country of residence, enter cell phone or smart phone number, and click "send verification code".
* Phone number will not be used for anything but the verification process.

When a verification code has already been sent, this window will not be displayed, and the window to enter the verification code will be displayed.

If you need a verification code resent, please click here.

If you have a device that does not support SMS.

Please contact here the fact you cannot use the SMS service and the verification process.

Enter the verification code and make payment.

A verification code has been sent to the designated phone number, so after entering the verification code you received,
please click the "purchase" button.
* The payment is not finished until clicking the "purchase" button.

When SMS is not received/Verification code resend process

When SMS is not received

When the SMS sending server is busy, it may take awhile for the SMS to be sent to the customer's device, so please wait for it to be sent.

If it is not received after awhile, the phone number entered may be wrong, so please try resending the verification code.

When the setting for rejection of SMS mail reception is effective, please turn off the setting on the device, and try resending the verification code.

Verification code resend process

Click the "Reenter phone number" at the bottom of the enter verification code window, and resend the verification code.


If SMS verification mail is not received in an hour, there is a possibility of misentering of information or rejection os SMS mail reception,
so please confirm the setting for rejection of SMS reception, and try resending the verification code.

When payment won't process after entering verification code

"The verification code is incorrect" will be displayed.
Please enter the verification code accurately.
If a verification code is resent, please enter the new code.

"Since an abnormal operation was detected, the process has been cancelled" will be displayed.
Please contact here by including the steps you took during the payment process.

Since incorrect verification code was entered multiple times, verification code cannot be entered.
In a little while, when the verification code enter window is displayed again, please try payment process again.


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