View your FC2 points balance

FC2 Points
05 /04 2021
This page will explain how to view your FC2 point balance on your FC2ID.

How view your FC2 point balance

1. Log in to FC2 ID

If you don't know how to log in, please check this manual.

2. Access "Settlement/FC2 Point"

Once logged in to your FC2ID select the "Settlement/FC2 Point" menu.

You can view your FC2 point and FC2 Redeemable point balance here.
Please see this page for explanation between FC2 points and FC2 Redeemable points. 記事番号 52 をリンクする

If you have earnings from product sales and or paid live broadcasts but your redeemable point is 0, please check if you converted your earnings to redeemable points from the corresponding service (FC2 Content Market /' FC2 Live) control panel. Your redeemable points will appear in the Settlement/FC2 Point menu after conversion. 

・Convert FC2 Content Market earnings to FC2 redeemable points 記事番号 50 をリンクする
Convert FC2 Live earnings to FC2 redeemable points
Payout FC2 Video Affiliate Reward Points (Payout only available via Cheque)





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