Two-factor Login Authentication

Two-factor Login Authentication
01 /15 2014
Two-factor Login Authentication is a system that involves two steps (Entering an authentication code and regular login information) to verify your identity and helps prevent unauthorized logins.

When do I need to do it ?

You must verify when you get a message saying "Please enter the authentication code."The message is automatically pop up when a drop in your account's security has been detected e.g. A certain amount of time has passed since the last time you changed the password.

* Users are currently unable to change settings for the two-factor login authentication system.

How do I login via a two-factor login authentication?

If you get a message asking you enter the authentication code, an authentication code will be sent to your FC2 ID registered email address.
Please login to FC2 ID (http://fc2.com/) and enter the code in the email and click "Authenticate Login".

The authentication screen didn't show

You can use FC2's services once you have logged in, but be aware that your authentication code may not reach you if your registered email address is out of use.

Authentication Flow

1. Log in to FC2ID.

2. Enter Verification Code

Enter the verification code sent to your FC2ID registered address to the verification screen. Once you have correctly entered the code, click Authenticate.
*Please only use half-width alpha numeric characters.

Once you have been verified, you will be free to use FC2's services.

I haven't got my verification code e-mail

Your verification e-mail may have moved to your spam folder. Please be sure to change settings so that emails from noreply@id.fc2.com are accepted.

I can't log in, even though I entered the code

Make sure that you are only using half-width alphanumeric font.


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